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Safe Deposit Box Services

First Central Savings Bank’s safe deposit boxes are a great way to store your most valuable possessions. The safe boxes are tightly monitored and under a secure, dual-key system. Some of your important documents are best kept in a safe deposit box. First Central Savings Bank currently offers Safe Deposit Box rentals at the 19-19 Francis Lewis Blvd., Whitestone and 35-01 30th Ave., Astoria branches.

Safe Deposit boxes are great for documents that do not need to be accessed frequently and are not easily replaced: military discharge papers, stock and bond certificates, your home’s deed, original birth, marriage, and death certificates, adoption, divorce, and custody papers.

You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that without both your key and the bank’s key, your box cannot be opened. We require proper identification at each time of entry and signatures are verified to maintain the utmost security. You receive a second convenience key for secondary access.

Inventory Your Items

Maintain a complete, up-to-date inventory of the items in your safe deposit box and keep it in a safe place at your home or office. Bring both your inventory and key when you visit our vaults and record all items in and out. It is also a recommended to photocopy important documents in your safe box so that you can refer to them at home.

Boxes are available in a variety of sizes at a competitive price. This will help you secure your valuables, and make them accessible during business hours of the branch. Important papers and possessions will be safe from fire, theft or loss.

What To Store

Here are some of the items you may want to consider storing in your safe deposit box:

1. Automobile Titles
2. Bank Records
3. Bill of Sale
4. Birth Certificates
5. Citizenship Papers
6. Death Certificates
7. Deeds
8. Divorce Papers
9. Family Valuables
10. Heirlooms
11. Inventories
12. Jewelry
13. Leases
14. Life Insurance Policies
15. Marriage Certificates
16. Medals
17. Mortgage Papers
18. Passports
19. Pension Documents
20. Photograph Negatives
21. Trust Papers
22. Promissory Notes
23. Rare Stamps & Coins
24. School Transcripts
25. Service Records
26. Social Security Documents
27. Stock / Bond Certificates
28. Tax Agreements & Records
29. Copy of Will
30. Bank Account List

Sizes & Pricing

Safe Deposit Boxes available at two convenient locations.

19-19 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Whitestone, NY 11357
(718) 352-7100
35-01 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 204-7444

Whitestone Branch   Astoria Branch
Size Price*   Size Price*
2X5 $25.00   3X5 $40.00
3X5 $40.00   5X5 $65.00
4X5 $45.00   3X10 $75.00
5X5 $65.00   5X10 $115.00
3X10 $75.00   7X10 $195.00
5X10 $115.00   *taxes not included
  • All rentals of Safe Deposit Boxes must be accompanied by an account with a security deposit of at least $250.00
  • Contents of Safe Deposit Boxes are NOT INSURED by the FDIC and not guaranteed by First Central Savings Bank


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