03/20/2020: A Message From Our Chairman To Staff On Our COVID-19 Response

Letter to Staff PDF Pandemic Response Action


Dear FCSB Staff,


As you know, Management and the Board have been closely monitoring the COVID -19 (coronavirus) situation. At this time, the Board and Management have implemented the work from home program in order to protect the health of our staff and customers as well as addressing the concerns that have been raised regarding school closings and transportation issues.

Effective Monday, March 23, 2020 the Board and Management will implement the work from home policy for the 58 staff members working at our Headquarters in Glen Cove. Branch operations will be addressed on a day to day basis in order to ensure our commitment and ability to serve our branch customers. Effective next Monday, departmental managers will have an alternating working schedule whereby the staff will work in Glen Cove on a pre-arranged split weekly schedule, working some days at home and reporting to Glen Cove on other days. You will be respectively informed by tomorrow of the specific dates.

In order to ensure smooth work-from-home/remote operations, our IT department has worked diligently the past couple of weeks to ensure every staff member is properly equipped with an assigned FCSB laptop, access via previously authorized home PC, or accessibility to the Bank’s Disaster Recovery site at the Whitestone branch. Our hard-working IT staff will be available to ensure you have the appropriate support.

Lastly, we want to assure our branch staff that we will carefully monitor the health situations at your locations and will take swift action when required.

Remember that during this difficult time, it is important to remain calm, stay healthy and be judicious.

I, the Board and Management want to reassure you that we are here to ensure you can count on us during these difficult times! Should you have any concerns please address them to your immediate Manager.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.




Joseph Pistilli

Chairman of the Board and the Board of Directors



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