Online and Mobile Banking Alerts

Who’s got time every day to check on bank accounts?

With FCSB’s Mobile and Online account alerts, we’ll send you an email or notification on your phone or tablet to let you know if something changes. Signing up is easy and completely customizable with text, email, and push alerts that will help you to stay in control of your finances, keep your account safe, and help to avoid overdrafts.

Be the first to know about a change in your account!

Click Manage Alerts on the FCSB Mobile App or Alerts on online banking at From there, you can select which alerts you’d like to receive, and rest assured that we’ll let you know if anything changes on your account.


Learn more about Debit Card Fraud Alerts.

Visit our Cybersecurity Center to learn more.

Customizable Alert Types



Get alerts if someone changes your information or is trying to get access to your online banking.

Online banking was changed | Online banking login was locked out



Low balance alerts can help you avoid overdrafts or maintain balances to qualify for rewards. High balance alerts can help you identify when you might want to transfer or invest money.

Account balance below threshold | Account balance above threshold | Scheduled balance



Get alerts when deposits, checks, or withdrawals post to your account.

  • ACH Withdrawal (debit) over threshold amount
  • Check number XXXX cleared
  • Credit transaction was posted
  • Debit transaction was posted
  • Interest was paid to an account
  • Withdrawal over threshold amount occurred
  • ACH deposit (credit) transaction
  • Any check number cleared my account
  • Recent transactions
  • Transaction over threshold amount
  • Transaction equal to threshold amount



Get alerts when large incoming or outgoing transfers post to your account.



Be alerted if Wire activity occurs, such as a status change or something needs your attention.



Get alerts when a payment is due, past due, has been paid or when any loan activity occurs. Know if you exceed your credit limit.



Get alerts when ATM/Debit card transactions and changes occur.



Get alerts when something unexpected happens.